By Ricky McCallister, SNM

Fairview-Riverside Women’s Clinic consists of 7 Certified Nurse Midwives and 8 Ob/Gyn physicians that care for woman throughout the lifespan. This care includes prenatal and antenatal care, as well as labor and delivery, which they conduct at UMC Health Birthplace. They average approximately 40 births a month. With such a long-standing practice and multiple Midwives with over 20+ years of experience, they are highly respected in the community for all manner of birthing options.

Lead midwife Jennifer Ramsey, CNM states, “Listening to women and connecting is what brings me the largest joy.” With a major focus on the community, the practice is involved with groups such as Childbirth Collective, BLOOMA, Everyday Miracles and Enlightened Mama. Further promoting this emphasis on community, they offer a Centering method of care during prenatal care, bringing together diverse groups of women and a collective of support providers such as pediatricians, lactation consultants and doulas to establish strong support networks and knowledge library. The Fairview-Riverside Women’s Health clinic staff and Midwife Lead believe that it is a “Sacred honor that woman would trust us with something with such value and so important as their health care.”

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