The Committee for Equity and Justice hosts a weekly online discussion.  All are invited to join.  To be sent the weekly link, please email:

About the Committee for Equity and Justice

The Minnesota Affiliate Committee for Equity and Justice was created in 2016.

Mission Statement:

The Minnesota Affiliate of the American College of Nurse Midwives recognizes that:

  • Institutionalized racism and discrimination exist within the profession of midwifery and within our professional organization.
  • The racial and ethnic representation of nurse-midwives in the U.S. and of our membership are not reflective of the clients we serve.
  • Members of underrepresented and marginalized groups face barriers to accessing the profession of midwifery.
  • Inclusiveness, equity, and elimination of disparities are core values of our organization.

This Committee will work to:

  • Create an anti-oppression framework for the organization
  • Promote the practice of cultural humility
  • Provide opportunities for members to examine issues of privilege, racism, oppression, justice and equity within our profession
  • Create a culture that is welcoming, in which all voices are voiced and heard.
  • Commit to gentle and compassionate dialogue among those participating in this committee