Have you ever thought about being an abortion care provider yourself?

Read more here to find out about how you could get the training necessary to provide services, either in Minnesota or through telehealth programs in other states. As restrictions against APRNs providing services in Minnesota have recently changed (July 2022), education and employment opportunities will be expanding.


Midwives in Abortion Care: A Call to Action (Tillman and Levi, 2019)



Midwest Access Project:

TEACH has just released a 7th edition of their abortion training curriculum: https://www.flipcause.com/secure/reward_step2/MTMyNzQy/56671

Reproductive Health Access Project has resources for protocols to implement both medication and MVA procedures, as well as many other education tools.
Check them out here: https://www.reproductiveaccess.org/abortion/



RN opportunities (national): https://www.nsrh.org/index.php/programs/professional/abortion-nursing-corps

CNM opportunities (national): Consider getting licensed in a state(s) that allows CNMs / APRNs to provide abortion so that you can work remotely via telehealth visits. Multiple clinics are linked here: https://www.nursemidwivesmn.org/telehealth-abortion-clinics/

Check out the CNM national scope map here: https://aptoolkit.org/advancing-scope-of-practice-to-include-abortion-care/state-abortion-laws-and-their-relationship-to-scope-of-practice/