Diane Feller, CNM is an accomplished local gem who has transitioned her midwifery work towards perimenopausal women as the “midlife midwife.” Check out her philosophy and website here!

“Midwives are known mainly for their help to women in the childbearing years and for delivering babies. As any woman going through perimenopause or menopause knows, there is little or no help for women with the concerns that stem from hormone imbalance during this time. There is help! And, it takes a patient understanding provider such as Diane, the Midlife Midwife, to do this. Midwives care for women across the age span. The compassion and knowledge that midwives have in caring for women makes this the perfect choice for care during the menopause transition. Diane will help women understand the changes they are going through. Many women find help through lifestyle coaching and/or hormone replacement when appropriate.”

READ MORE ABOUT DIANE AND HER MENOPAUSE CLINIC: http://www.midlifemidwifemn.com/