Meet the Board!


From left to right: Emily Fitzgerald, Tracy O’Brien, Carrie Neerland, Jess Holm, Brie Zillhardt, Grace McBride (not pictured: Emily Rumsey)


  • Position: Co-President
  • Practice: I work for University of Minnesota Physicians (now called M Health), which includes the Women’s Health Specialists Clinic on the west bank of the U of MN campus and Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC), which is an FQHC in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis. I attend births at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. 
  • Midwifery School: University of Minnesota
  • Clinical and Midwifery Interests: Numerous! Including physiologic birth and care practices during childbirth, VBAC, the use of social media and technology in women’s health, marketing of midwifery, and global maternal health. I am currently Chair of the newly formed Membership & Marketing Committee of ACNM. 
  • Personal Tidbits and Interests: I am currently in my fourth year of the PhD program in Nursing at the U of MN and have three busy daughters ages 7, 5, and 1. Thankfully, I have a partner who is very understanding and supportive about my passion for midwifery.


  • Position: Co-President
  • Practice: Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Midwifery School: Yale University School of Nursing
  • Clinical and Midwifery Interests: My clinical intrests include contraceptive management, breastfeeding, and promoting and supporting physiologic birth.  I also enjoy working with and teaching midwifery students during their clinical work and I am passionate about my professional role in the MN Affiliate of ACNM. And…I think evidence based care is awesome!
  • Personal Tidbits and Interests: I am married to Noah and the mother of two: Elsa, 3 years old, and Axel, 5 months old.  I enjoy spending time outside, running, reading, and knitting – when I get the chance!


  • Position: Vice-President
  • Practice: West Side Community Health Services
  • Midwifery School: Frontier Nursing University
  • Clinical and Midwifery Interests: busting birth control myths, building community with Midwives of all backgrounds CPM, CNM, LM, etc
  • Personal Tidbits and Interests: yoga, Taco Tuesday and cooking


  • Position: Treasurer, Media Co-Chair
  • Practice: Willow Midwives
  • Midwifery School: University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Clinical and Midwifery Interests: birth centers, LGBTQ Health, contraception, alternative insemination
  • Personal Tidbits and Interests: bicycles, water activities, recreational sports (especially baseball)


  • Position: Secretary
  • Practice: HealthEast
  • Midwifery School: University of Minnesota
  • Clinical and Midwifery Interests: Waterbirth, Outcomes & Data Collection
  • Personal Tidbits and Interests: We have a family vineyard in Cannon Falls, MN and all are welcome to join us for harvest each year in the Fall!


  • Position: Student Representative
  • Midwifery School: University of Minnesota
  • Clinical and Midwifery Interests: Working with women from diverse backgrounds, normal physiologic birth, group prenatal care, & gestational diabetes/glucose intolerance management.
  • Personal Tidbits and Interests: When I’m not studying I’m probably watching soccer, swimming, or playing with my adorable dog!


  • Position: Media Intern
  • Midwifery School: Georgetown University
  • Clinical and Midwifery Interests: Promoting normal physiologic birth in a hospital setting, the impact of media on women’s health choices, nutrition & exercise in pregnancy, prenatal education (both in clinic and extracurricular classes), interdisciplinary teamwork, benchmarking
  • Personal Tidbits and Interests: yoga, photography, cooking, biking, family